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"Mettere il bastone tra le ruote" "to throw a monkey wrench in the works"

Literal translation

English equivalent idiom

Mettere il bastone tra/fra le ruoteTo put the stick between the wheelsto throw a monkey wrench (or spanner) in the works

Meaning: To hinder the carrying out of an activity or plan.



Roberto, I don’t want to throw a monkey wrench in the works, but think! You’re too young to contemplate marriage. You just turned 18!


Oh no, no! Guarda il cielo! Sembra che stia arrivando un temporale! Proprio quando decido di andare al mare, il tempo mette sempre il bastone fra le ruote!

Oh no, no! Look at the sky! It looks like a storm is coming! Just when I decide to go to the seaside, the weather always throws a spanner in the works!


Ieri Mario aveva un’importantissima riunione di lavoro a Londra alla quale non poteva mancare. Purtroppo, lo sciopero della sua compagnia aerea gli ha messo il bastone tra le ruote impedendogli di partire.

Yesterday, Mario had a very important work meeting in London he couldn’t miss. Unfortunately, the strike of his airline company threw a monkey wrench in the works by preventing him from leaving.

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leggere l'intero blog, pretty good

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Anonimo, grazie for what you said. I appreciate your comment. Please, come as many times as you want. Sei benvenuto/a!! (You're welcome!!)


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It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

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