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The present tense of the verb "essere" "to be"

Negative form:

Io non sono I am not

Tu non sei/Lei non è You are not

Egli non è He is not

Ella non è She is not

Esso non è It is not

Noi non siamo We are not

Voi non siete You are not

Essi non sono They are not

Unlike English, in which "not" is put after the forms of "to be", in Italian "non" is placed before the forms of "essere".

Also, see the present tense of the verb "avere" "to have": negative form

For now that's all, see you at the next little lesson.

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Anand ha detto...

The words are really easy to learn. It is clear with the explanation.

grassosalvato86 ha detto...

Anand, I'm happy you liked this post. Thanks!

Ciao, ciao