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"Fare passi da gigante" "to progress by leaps and bounds"

Literal translation ... ...

English equivalent idiom
Fare passi da gigante To make giant stepsTo progress by leaps and bounds

Meaning: To make extraordinary progress in a short period of time.



Tony non conosceva neanche una sola parola d'italiano. Adesso, solo dopo due mesi di corso, sa persino conversare con il suo amico italiano. Tony ha fatto passi da gigante!

Tony didn't even know a single Italian word. Now, after only two months of course, he can even converse with his Italian friend. Tony has progressed by leaps and bounds!


Maria looked almost dead last week after her surgery. Now, surprisingly, she is getting better and better, she is progressing by leaps and bounds!


This year, the profits of my enterprise are considerably increasing. My enterprise is absolutely progressing by leaps and bounds!

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