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"Perdere le staffe" "to fly off the handle"

Literal translation... ..


Equivalent English idiom

Perdere le staffeTo lose the stirrupsTo fly off the handle

Meaning: To lose self-control by getting extremely angry.



When Carlo found out that his wife had cheated on him, he flew off the handle shouting furiously at her.


My boss always flies off the handle for nothing!  Working with this awful atmosphere is so stressful!


Whenever Dr. David Banner was provoked, he flew off the handle turning into Hulk, a raging green creature with superhuman strength. 

2 commenti:

Grace Sutherland ha detto...

A more colloquial expression amongst the young today in UK

for the idiom -to fly off the handle- is to say that someone has 'lost it'

e.g. When he was speaking to his father, he really lost it.

( meaning to lose his cool)

grassosalvato86 ha detto...

Grace, thank you very much! This is interesting indeed.