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The present tense of the verb "essere" "to be"

At this point let's learn the present tense of the verb "essere" "to be"

Io sono _I am

Tu sei /Lei è _You are

Egli è _He is

Ella è _She is

Esso é _It is

Noi siamo _We are

Voi siete _You are

Essi sono _They are

Drops of grammar

In Italian the second person singular is constituted by two forms: "Tu" and "Lei".

You say "Tu" to:
  • a member of the family,

  • a friend,

  • a young person

  • a kid.

You say "Lei" to:
a person that you don't know well (acquaintance) or someone older than you.

For now that's all, see you at the next little lesson.

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This is helpful, specially for Italian learners. Thanks

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Спасибо из России. Thank you from Russia.
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