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Let's go on!



io sono I am

io sono inglese I am English

io sono francese I am French

io sono portoghese I am Portuguese

Drops of grammar

You have to know that in Italian the first person singular "io" (unlike the first person singular in English) has to be written with a small initial letter, exception made when "io" is put at the beginning of a sentence and after:

  • a full point (.)

  • a question mark (?)

  • an exclamation mark (!)

For now that's all, see you at the next little lesson.

3 commenti:

MarlyMS ha detto...

added u to my links ;)

crazy freebies ha detto...

At least I learned it even though its few. Thanks!

grassosalvato86 ha detto...

Crazy Freebies, you're welcome!